The Rules and Regulations include the following:

  1. If any member of your party, family member or guest – causes any law enforcement agency to be called into the park – you will be evicted from the park and your lot rent will be forfeited. There will be no exceptions.
  2. All new RV’s must be purchased from RVWholesalers. 877.877.4494
  3. All RV repair or service work must be handled by RVWholesalers, due to liability and insurance issues.
  4. Do not put stone in yards. You will be charged for the removal of this stone.
    Assignment and Subletting
    Improvements / Changes to Campsite
    Changes in Terms / Rules and Regulations
    General Campground Rules and Regulations
  5. If you abandon an RV at one of our campgrounds – you agree to send us a clear title and pay $1,500 for disposal.
  6. Permanent Aluminum awnings can be installed with management approval. No wood awnings will be allowed.
  7. All new sheds will be Rubbermaid type and must have Manager approval.
  8. No new full size refrigerators allowed on patios.
  9. Member shall not take short cuts through other campsites and shall stay on all roads, walkways and paths.
  10. All garbage from your campsite must be securely wrapped in plastic bags and placed in dumpster. In the
    event that the dumpster is full, trash should be placed to the side of the dumpster, not in front of it, so that the dumpster can be emptied. Do not leave large or loose items in or around the dumpster. If you have large items or boxes you must take them home with you. No old grills or furniture allowed in trash.
  11. Fish guts must be double wrapped and placed in the dumpster.
  12. All fire rings must be kept clean at all times from trash. If we are inspected and fined for trash in the rings – this charge will be passed on to the Member. No burning of trash in fire rings.
  13. No boats are permitted in the camping area.
  14. All Members may have no more than 2 cars at their lot. There will be no parking on empty lots. There will be no parking in grassy areas.
  15. The speed limit is 5 MPH in the campground.
  16. Pets are permitted so long as they are leashed and properly attended at all times. Member shall clean up after their pets anywhere on the campground property.
  17. Our water is metered, so please do not waste it. Wasting water will increase costs.
  18. Noise should be kept to a minimum at your campsite at all times. There shall be quiet hours between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am.
  19. Play equipment at the campground is only to be used by children 12 years old and younger. When using the equipment children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  20. Member agrees to maintain their lot at all times in a neat, orderly manner. Member will mow the grass regularly and store all personal items properly. If Member fails to keep grass mowed, then Owner will mow campsite and will charge Member a $50 fee for each mow. If Member’s camper is in disrepair
    you may be asked to remove it from the Four Seasons Campground property. If you sell your camper it will
    be up to management whether the camper can stay in the park or not.
  21. Member is responsible for insuring their camper, all personal items and golf cart against damage or theft.
  22. Member is responsible for having liability insurance on all golf carts.
  23. No riding bikes after dark.
  24. Notify management of any Guests staying in your camper. $5 per night fee will apply.
  25. Absolutely no swimming or wading is permitted in the pond. (Indian Hallow)

Rules and Regulations for Golf Cart Owners:

  1. Stay on the roads. No driving over the common grassy areas or through camp lots.
  2. Speed limit is 5 MPH.
  3. Golf carts may only be driven by licensed drivers and must be 16 years or older.
  4. Only golf carts that are equipped as the State of Ohio requires may be driven after dark. Limit driving after 10:00pm.
  5. Golf cart must be insured.

Rules and Regulations for the Pool: (The pool area is an amenity – and is not part of the lease)

  1. There is no lifeguard on duty and all swimming is at the sole risk of the swimmer.
  2. Pool hours are from 10:00 am and until 10:00 pm. Management reserves the right to close the pool at any time for special events, cleaning and other maintenance or based upon adverse weather conditions.
  3. Swimmers must be 14 years old and able to swim or enter the pool without an adult.
  4. Children under the age of 14 must have an adult with them at all times.
  5. No pets will be permitted in the pool area at anytime.
  6. No running, horseplay or roughhousing in the pool area.
  8. Members are responsible for closing and making sure that gate is locked upon entering or leaving pool area.
    The pool area is an amenity – and is not part of the lease.
    Additional Rules and Regulations for Golf Cart Owners
    Additional Rules and Regulations of the Pool
  9. Members are not permitted to allow anyone to enter the pool area that is not part of your family.
  10. No glass containers in pool area.
  11. No smoking inside pool area.
  12. Shower before entering the pool – especially If you’ve been in the Lake.
  13. Parents are responsible for the actions of their children. Members are responsible for the actions
    of their guests. Members must be present at the pool with their guests.
  14. Members may entertain guests in the pool, but limit number of guests to a maximum of 6.
    A fee of $1.00 per guest per day will apply and the Member must be in the pool area with their guests at all times.
    This will be payable to the on site managers.
  15. Violation of any of these rules will result in loss of swimming privileges for the entire family for the
    remainder of the camping season. There will be no exceptions.
  16. Absolutely no jumping over pool fence.
  17. Bathhouse hours are closed 10PM to 8AM.